The Father's Embrace

The Father's Embrace £750

The Fathers embrace

This painting was first painted in 2009, but has had 7 complete repaints since then. Each time I thought it was finished, I'd leave it for a while, then yearn for it to show more love, more compassion and more tenderness. Then I'd put it on the easel and add more paint! I think it may be finished now, although I have said that before....!

It is based on the parable of the prodigal son found in Luke 15. The wayward son goes his own way and hits rock bottom. "Each one has turned to his own way." He doesn't feel worthy to be a son, but his father thinks otherwise. He is greeted with open arms and an open heart. God our Father waits for each of us to recognise our need and to turn back to him.

The painting is 1 metre square and just over 1.5cm deep. It is oil paint on canvas.

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