Spring Harvest again

21/04/2013 17:15

The annual Veritasse trip to Butlins at Minehead for the Spring Harvest conference is over for another year!

It is great to meet so many enthusiastic Christian artists and art appreciators whilst working on the stand. I felt again the value of the niche that Veritasse fills, in spiritual terms. So many people were deeply affected by the pictures- different people by different pictures, of course.

I was thrilled to sell "Through the storm" IV to a young couple for their new home. "The Gift" was also admired by quite a few people, which was pleasing.

My next arty event is the Powys Arts forum Annual conference this week, which should be very interesting, and after that my annual exhibition in the Newtown library in June. I am hoping to get a few more paintings finished by that time. I'll keep you posted.

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