"Spirit runner" picture takes shape

21/08/2011 16:21

My artwork for the Run with the Fire art project linked with the 2012 Olympics is beginning to take shape.

As I mentioned previously, the brief from another artist in the project talked about textures and colours to represent aspects of the Holy Spirit and also said that the artist tackling it should pray and ask God what to paint.

As I thought about the brief, I wanted to incorporate a person as a runner, running the race of life. I thought about the role of the Holy Spirit in equipping us for service. I started by thinking that I did not want to draw attention to the runner. A race well run is not dependent on the skills and abilities of the individual person. In fact, the more the Holy Spirit can be seen in and through us, the more successful our lives will be in pleasing God. Thus, the idea of an (almost) invisible runner came into being. I am having some help with this part, as it involves cutting an outline of a runner out of 3mm clear acrylic sheet. Thanks to Rob, our son, for doing the line drawing on the computer and Annette at Severn Trophies for saying that she would attempt to cut it out with her computer operated laser cutter.  I am hoping that she will succeed or it will be back to plan B, which I haven't formuilated yet.

I am doing a background incorporating the Holy Spirit as fire, air and water and God's hand anointing the runner with a touch.



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