Reflections on.......

10/09/2012 12:03

I have had little time for reflection this summer. It has been one of the busiest periods of the last few years, with little time for painting.

Having said that, I have completed a new piece called "The people in darkness have seen a great light" which I will add shortly and I have been continuing my battle with "The Father's embrace" now on its fifth version! The canvas is going to be inches thick with paint by the time I finish this epic!
I have just finished the end of my first trading year with Veritasse and have been doing the accounts. It's easy to get overwhelmed with figures ( and I frequently do!) but more important to remember why Veritasse exists and who is really in charge. God is faithful. It is not easy having a small business in this economic situation, but we are still going ahead!
I have been reminded of my own mortality and my own powerlessness recently. I guess that the devil has a vested interest in making me feel as if I can't make a difference. The demands on a Town Councillor are quite heavy and there are some big challenges.
I have found myself thinking, "If I can't sort out littering in North Powys, what chance have I got in the  more important issues facing Newtown."
The answer is.. I can't do it alone. None of us can. I know that God has brought me to the town council "for just such a time as this" and that His strength will be sufficient for me to accomplish what he asks of me.
And anyway, it's just not true that one person can't make a difference. History shows that where one person is prepared to stand up and be counted amazing consequences follow.
This summer, I have become a grandmother for the first time.It is quite a responsibility, thinking about that very topical word, "legacy". I pray that my grand-daughter will be proud to have me as her granny, even if she laments my clothes sense!(I was wearing my Greenbelt patchwork trousers yesterday while blackberry-picking, and a teenage lad shouted across that he has lost his curtains! Cheeky blighter!)

Please do pray for me as an artist and councillor and for Veritasse to serve God's people well and to make a profit! If you want to contact me, feel free. I am always happy to chat.

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