25/06/2011 22:01:09 Wonderful Veritasse artists

It is so good to be able to recommend people to the Veritasse website, where it is clear that faith in Jesus is a key motivator of the artists and where each artist is working hard to develop their style and skills in order to be the best artist they can possibly be.

01/06/2011 20:55:59 Wonderful felt!

My sister, Cath, and I went to a felt making workshop at the home of Nicola Knapton near Montgomery. We had an amazing day and both thoroughly enjoyed it, as well as producing a sample opiece and a large felt picture each.

26/04/2011 23:21:17 Interesting wood

When Andy and I went to lake Vyrnwy and Bala Lake, we found many interesting pieces of driftwood on the shores. I collected some with the idea of making a sculpture of some sort.

15/04/2011 19:11:38 "Holy Ground" sold at Spring Harvest!

I am delighted to report that Holy Ground (currently featured on the Home page) has sold at the end of Spring Harvest week 1 in Minehead.

30/03/2011 23:35:08 The new Veritasse website is on-line!

Do visit the new site which is looking just great!

26/03/2011 15:32:34 Looking forward to the new Veritasse website

I have been pretty busy recently, organising artwork for the new Veritasse collection and uploading content to the new website, which is due for unveiling next week.

05/03/2011 23:12:53 I don't know what to think...

Andy and I visited an art exhibition today and it has made me think again about what art is.

28/02/2011 22:52:22 Coming along!

I managed to get a first coat of oil onto my three paintings and also found one that I started ages ago, so gave that a bit of attention too!

26/02/2011 16:17:44 Painting day- a glimpse into the chaos!

I have had a bit of time today to get out my paintbrushes and thought I would share some of the mess and process of it all!

12/02/2011 23:41:32 Magnificent waterfall!

Today Andy and I visited the waterfall at Llanrhaedr ym Mochnant, North Powys. It was really spectacular.

09/02/2011 21:28:50 Painting the spiritual realms

This is a painting from the end of last year, which I realised has not yet made it onto the site.

05/02/2011 17:21:23 Run with the Fire

This is an international arts project, linked with the London Olympics in 2012, which will encourage churches to organise their own commmunity arts events, using a digital art exhibition as a starting point.

25/01/2011 22:21:34 Visiting the exhibition in Newtown Library with two work contacts

It is interesting to see how different people are drawn to different paintings.

23/01/2011 17:27:06 The art of letting go

I am learning the importance of just having a go and being prepared to make mistakes in the context of artwork.

22/01/2011 15:57:50 Newtown Library exhibition advertised in local paper

I was very pleased that the local paper, the County Times, included information about the exhibition in Newtown library.

26/12/2010 21:12:20 January 2011 Exhibition in Newtown Library

"Harmony", an exhibition of 19 original artworks by Sue Newham in Newtown Library, Powys showing until 31st January, 2011

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