I love painting!

29/10/2012 23:07

It can be hard to get started, especially with so many other worthy things shouting for time and attention, but when I start painting, I remember.... I love painting!

Yesterday, Andy bought me a coffee, when I was painting leaves onto a tree (Creation aglow). By the time I gave it a second thought, it was completely cold. Where did that hour go to!?

I also really love using oil paints. Acrylics are very useful for underpainting, but oils are so responsive and blendable. They have become my favourite medium, after poor experiences with them when I was given painting by numbers kits as a teenager!

I have been experimenting with ZING. It has been the missing ingredient in many of my landscapes, which have been flat and as dull as ditch water. A notable failure was a painting of Alfriston church which was so boring that it never made it onto my gallery page. I have realised that simply painting the colours you see is not enough to make a vibrant and interesting painting. Creation aglow has a purple tree in it! It may not be to your taste, but it definitely has a bit of zing in it, which is very pleasing.

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