Feedback on "Capture the moment" exhibition

19/07/2014 22:37

I had an exhibition of my work at Newtown library during June 2014 and had some very encouraging feedback in my comments book.

Jayne said, "Your work is lovely, Sue. I really like your sculpture."

Matthew said, "Very nice. Captured Wales using elements associated with Wales."

A. Owen said, " Wonderful and inspiring. Nothing better than doing something you love and sharing it. Thank you."

Ken said, "Remarkable work. Very enjoyable."

Charlotte said, "Really lovely work. So inspiring."


Genesis is part of a series of paintings about the work of the Holy Spirit.

You can see the picture more closely in the Work for Sale section.

"No risk" Guarantee

All my work comes with a "No Risk" guarantee. If you buy a piece, receive it and decide that it's not right for your home or business, you can return it within 14 days and I will give you a full refund, without any reluctance. My paintings are special to me and I want them to be special to you too.

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