Always a season behind!

27/01/2013 17:19

I have just completed the third of my autumn paintings, as the snow begins to melt on the hills in Mid Wales! I guess I will always be still painting the previous season when the next one is almost over!

Having said that, I haven't tackled many snow paintings. I guess I just get over-awed by the whiteness of it all. It's a tricky thing to paint and get right!

This is my one effort in 2010, which I am quite pleased with. It is called Winter's morning and is an attempt to capture a misty, snowy morning in Dolerw Park.Winter's morning

I think I may just gloss over winter and move straight onto spring this year. That is if I don't get tempted into trying another autumn picture!

I am also working on a painting about us being covered in Jesus' robe of righteousness, which I am pleased with so far and hope to be completing in the next week or so. You just can't rush oils. If the layers need to dry, they need to dry and that is that!

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