13/08/2016 13:38:03 Local landscapes- a joy and a challenge

I have recently completed two paintings of Llyn Clywedog and a scene with foxgloves and a sheep. Each had different challenges.

05/07/2015 16:45:04 Two forthcoming exhibitions in Mid Wales

I am very encouraged to have two exhibitions of my work coming up. I have a month long exhibition in Newtown Library during August, which you can see during library opening hours. I will also have an exhibition of my work in Theatr Hafren from December through to February. More details of this to follow.

19/07/2014 22:42:12 Mural with school children in an underpass

I have had the privilege of working with 110 children to paint a mural in a dingy underpass prone to graffiti. It has been an exhausting and very satisfying experience.

19/07/2014 22:37:13 Feedback on "Capture the moment" exhibition

I had an exhibition of my work at Newtown library during June 2014 and had some very encouraging feedback in my comments book.

30/05/2014 22:49:27 More places to see my work!

"Capture the moment" is a solo exhibition taking place in Newtown Library during June 2014, and two further paintings are being displayed in Newtopia arts and crafts centre on High Street Newtown until July. Contact Sue if you would like a guided tour! 01686 626228

04/01/2014 17:46:51 See 2 paintings at the Theatr Hafren venue in Newtown, Powys

Two of my paintings are part of the open exhibition at the Hafren, Newtown until the end of January 2014. You can see "First steps in autumn" and "Vyrnwy in autumn" in the theatre bar area.

28/05/2013 21:58:39 Light and life exhibition at Newtown Library during June 2013!

Another year has rolled around and I will be setting up my third exhibition in Newtown Library on Friday and it will be running for the whole of June.

21/04/2013 17:15:29 Spring Harvest again

The annual Veritasse trip to Butlins at Minehead for the Spring Harvest conference is over for another year!

06/02/2013 12:15:52 Matt Heard talks about artists and faith

Last night I listened to a very encouraging talk which was recorded at the 2010 International Arts Movement conference.

27/01/2013 17:19:43 Always a season behind!

I have just completed the third of my autumn paintings, as the snow begins to melt on the hills in Mid Wales! I guess I will always be still painting the previous season when the next one is almost over!

29/10/2012 23:07:35 I love painting!

It can be hard to get started, especially with so many other worthy things shouting for time and attention, but when I start painting, I remember.... I love painting!

10/09/2012 12:03:14 Reflections on.......

I have had little time for reflection this summer. It has been one of the busiest periods of the last few years, with little time for painting.

25/02/2012 22:33:42 Looking deeper- a solo exhibition in Newtown in March

During March, I will have an exhibition of 22 of my artworks in the foyer of Newtown library.

26/01/2012 22:35:38 Three Canada paintings completed but there will probably be more to come!

Lake Louise, Alberta, By the lake and Reflected glory are finished now. I have really enjoyed reliving the memory of the Canadian Rockies.

17/01/2012 21:58:33 A Run with the Fire radio interview!

I am being interviewed on UCB radio station between 9 and 9.30am tomorrow about the "Run with the Fire" project. Follow this link to listen on-line.

13/01/2012 23:46:23 First Canadian picture is completed!

By the lake is the first painting started in Canada to be completed. It is small and painted in acrylic, so it would a) fit in my suitcase and b) be dry enough to pack! Completed today!

15/10/2011 23:07:34 Paintings from the Canadian Rockies are on their way!

During a wonderful holiday to Banff in Alberta, I managed to start two paintings in situ.

26/09/2011 22:30:57 Run with the Fire painting finished

My painting for Run with the Fire, entitled "Spirit Runner", is now complete. I am pleased with the result, despite the fact that I had a relatively short time to complete the piece.

21/08/2011 16:21:16 "Spirit runner" picture takes shape

My artwork for the Run with the Fire art project linked with the 2012 Olympics is beginning to take shape.

14/08/2011 22:52:40 Run with the Fire invite!

I am now one of the artists creating artwork for the Run with the Fire project.

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